Gold and Bronze at 2012 AT&T Nationals

Gold and Bronze at 2012 AT&T Nationals

The 2012 Short Course nationals were just held at the Lee and Joe Jamail swim center here in Austin, TX. It’s always fun coming to a meet in your home pool, and it definitely didn’t hurt that the stands were PACKED! I have never seen that swim center so crowded, and it was incredible to see all the fans coming out to support everyone swimming.

Going into this meet, I really had no idea what to expect. I had my goals, but I did not know if I had put in enough training to achieve them. After the Olympics I took a solid 7 weeks off, and when I say off, I mean I did absolutely nothing. Once I moved back to Austin, I didn’t get back into a full week of workouts until 3 weeks before nationals. I was still traveling a lot to do appearances and just trying to keep a good feel for the water. At nationals, I think I was in a great place to where I wasn’t too tired yet, had just gotten back into shape, and also had a great feel for the water.

Swimming a lifetime best in the 200 free was definitely a goal, but it has always been a goal of mine to own the American Record in the event. Going 1:31.9 and being .2 away from that record makes it tough, I know there was easily something I could have done to be .2 faster. My first 100 was about a second slower than I wanted, and I think that comes from me not racing much before the meet and did not know my race plan. Could have been a VERY fast time if it was swum a little better in my opinion. I like to take advantage of every short course meet I can because I don’t get to do it often. I feel that I am a much better short course swimmer than I am long course because of the walls. I can kick underwater more often, and use those walls to my advantage. But for the training and break I have taken after London, I can’t complain with my time.

I actually thought my 100 Free was going to be better than my 200 because of the training I had been doing. Felt great doing some sprinting in practice and had actually dove a really quick time in a 50. But, like always, I got way behind after the first 50 and could never catch up. A lifetime best again in the 100, but would have been really cool to of been in the 41 second club.


My next competition will be the Austin Grand Prix in mid January. Until then, I will be getting back into the swing of things and focusing on my goals ahead. Christmas training always makes or breaks a season, one of the most important and toughest parts of the season.