Update From Training camp

Update From Training camp

It has been a couple days now since being here in Knoxville, TN for our Olympic training camp and I wanted to give you an update. Things are going great and it is already becoming a very different trip than 2008. With only a short time in between trials and the games, I have to make sure I can get everything I can out of this camp.

USA Swimming makes this pretty easy to do, having every single resource possible here with us at camp. We have the best coaches in the world on our pool deck, national team massage therapists for recovery after all the practices, video of us swimming whenever we need it, and one of the top rated facilities in the country. We couldn’t ask for a better setup to prepare us for the games.

Right now I would say I am getting killed in workouts. I came down to a full taper for trials and now I want to build myself back up. I feel like I still have a lot of room for improvement after the trials, and I am making sure that everything will be hitting right once I get to London.

Media day was just held at the pool, a couple thousand fans showed up for our open practice along with over 100 reporters. It was incredible seeing all the support the community around here is giving us and how excited everyone is about the Olympics. The support means more than any of you can imagine.

Couple more days here in TN until we head to France for a week, and then off to LONDONNNN!!! I literally can’t wait to get there. This whole experience is indescribable, and I can’t believe I get to experience it twice. It brings back such great memories from 2008. The biggest change I’m going to make between this year and 2008 is that I am going to make sure to take it ALL in, to make sure I stop and smell the roses the entire way. Something I don’t think I did enough in 2008.