Contest Time: Ready GO!

Contest Time: Ready GO!

Last week, I opened an official RB t-shirt shop on my website and Facebook page. There’s a handful of colors you can choose from, but just one design, so I’m looking for some help!

I want to see what kind of shirts my fans can design. Essentially, you guys have free reign to come up with some fun and different designs and we’ll turn it into a contest. The most creative wins. I’ll put the winning shirt in my shop and I’ll also send the winner an autographed version of the shirt they designed. NEW: Included for the winner will be a signed RB cap that I have been seen wearing at all my meets.


1. My RB logo has to be included somewhere on the shirt. Here’s the image.

2. Make the shirt at

3. Email your submission to You’ll see icons on the top right of the design page – Click “send product via email.”

4. Submit your design by 9 p.m. PT on Fri., June 1st.

Good luck!