My Top 5 Pre-Meet songs

My Top 5 Pre-Meet songs

Throughout my career I have gotten the question, “What kind of music do you listen to before your races?” To tell you the truth, I don’t listen to any music before my races. I like going into the ready room, relaxing, thinking to myself, and talking to people if they aren’t listening to music. I like being able to walk out to the music being played on speakers and hear the crowd cheering. That will get me more pumped up more than any music can.

So now you’re probably asking yourself why you’re still reading this… Well I listen to all my music on the ride over to the pool and sitting around before warm up. That is usually my time to get myself psyched up, because once I get into the pool for warm up I better be ready to go! Depending on the race and what kind of mood I am in I change what I am listening to. If I am really excited and can’t sit still, then I listen to something to calm me down like Jack Johnson. If I am kind of sleepy and maybe not feel as ready as I should, than that is when I start listening to something loud to get me going.

So here it is, as of right now the top 5 songs I would listen to to get me pumped for my races:

5. Umphrey’s Mcgee: Mulches Odyseey….. I am a jam band type of person so I had to throw this one in there. I just fast forward to the last half.

4. B.o.B.: So Good

3. Lupe Fiasco: Show Goes On

2. Aviccii: Levels Scrillex remix

1: Flo-Rida: Good Feeling

There you have it, what do you guys think? What would be your top 5 songs to listen to before a race or meet? I like to find new music so let me hear it!